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Are you ready for the Holidays?

The holidays are upon us and that means life can get a bit out of control. Here are my top tips that I have learned throughout the years to help my clients stay focused and get through the holidays with energy and joy.

  1. DAILY EXERCISE: Never go a day without working out for 15 minutes. Do exercises that work multiple body parts at once and burn calories quickly. Ex: knee bounces, towel circles, running the stairs...
  2. EAT BREAKFAST: It kick starts the metabolism and will keep your energy levels soaring.
  3. PORTION CONTROL: When serving yourself, make sure food items don't touch each other on the plate.
  4. MULTITASK: When you have a list of errands to get done, figure out how to exercise at the same time. Ride your bike or run between them and bring a friend.
  5. WATER: If drinking alcohol, sip a 10 oz glass of water between each beverage.
  6. FAMOUS: Always dress like you are famous and the paparazzi are taking your picture! It will instantly make you want to be your best.
  7. SNACKING: Make carrying snacks a habit, so you don't get stuck somewhere and make an unhealthy choice. I always have a piece of fruit and protein bar in my backpack and APPLEGATE cheese and meat in my fridge.
  8. STRETCH: Everyone has tension; try to get rid of yours. If you have food in your teeth you would floss it right out, do the same with tightness.
  9. SILENCE: Close your eyes every day and repeat to yourself. "I have an abundance of energy and I am bringing JOY into every person that I come into contact with."

Here's a Bonus!

NO WORRIES: If you don't get your workout in or you eat something unhealthy, don't beat yourself up. This can negatively trickle into other categories. Counteract it with doing something positive.


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