GMO Product Update

Dear Customers,

Since Applegate was founded more than 25 years ago, we have been working towards our goal to Change the Meat We Eat. By “change,” we mean making the types of food people love to eat – like hot dogs, deli meat and bacon – with clean ingredients and meat sourced from family farmers who raise animals humanely; without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

The increasing prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food supply and growing public interest in the topic has caused us to reflect more deeply on the issue. As we stated last year, we’ve been working diligently to reformulate the few products among our offerings that contain genetically modified ingredients. We have successfully revised all of our recipes and have some updates to share:

  • Our Natural Chicken and Maple Breakfast Sausage was reformulated last year and is currently in stores.
  • All of our breaded chicken products are now made with Non-GMO ingredients – including Natural Chicken Nuggets, Natural Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets, Natural Homestyle Chicken Tenders, and Natural Gluten Free Chicken Tenders and our Natural Chicken Patty – and will begin shipping no later than June 16th.
  • Natural Gluten Free Beef Corn Dogs will be transitioned by July 2015*.

It does take time for items to cycle through the grocery store, so if you have questions on a specific purchase, please reach out to us HERE and our Customer Service team will be happy to confirm whether it is made with the new recipe for you.

* previously communicated as end of 2014

GMO Feed Update

The issue of GMO grains in animal feed has been gaining attention as the world becomes more familiar with the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms as a whole. We share frustration with many of you about the pervasiveness of GMOs in the food system and are taking steps to address the problem.  Last year, we worked with a third party agency to identify ingredients in our products that may be at risk for containing GMOs and took steps to remove them from our Natural line. 

Unfortunately, upwards of 90% of non-organic animal feed on the market contains GMOs, which means that at this time, animals in our Natural line do receive GM feed. However, we have taken steps to ensure we are part of the solution on this front. Currently, we are working with a coalition of stakeholders all along the supply chain to examine ways to increase the supply of GMO-free feed. Simultaneously, we are also examining our own supply chain to learn how we can increase access to this type of feed when the supply increases, in a way that is not cost-prohibitive for our customers. 

For customers interested in eating meat from animals fed a GMO-free diet, we’re proud to offer our Organic line. Our organic products have always been entirely free of genetically modified ingredients and feed and we continue to introduce new items into this line.

We assure you that GMO’s are an issue we take seriously and discuss daily at Applegate. We will continue to keep our customers updated on our progress.

GMO Legislation and Support Update

Applegate proudly supports transparency in the food industry and the right to know what’s in the food we eat. To insure this right, we advocate on Capitol Hill for mandatory GMO labeling legislation and support National labeling campaigns like Just Label It. Until we have national legislation that requires food companies to label products that contain GMOs, Applegate will continue to provide financial support and resources to state labeling initiatives such as recent efforts in California, Washington and now Oregon, and to campaigns like Just Label it, who are dedicated to this issue.

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