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Breakfast Sausage

We created this recipe with breakfast in mind, and came up with a combination that will start your day just right, no matter what's facing you later on. (Not that we know something you don't in that regard.) Seasoned just right with honey, cinnamon and apples, our Natural Chicken and Apple... Read more
We take highest quality, all-natural juicy chicken and season it up just right with honey, cinnamon and apples. Voila, breakfast is served! Our Natural Chicken and Apple Breakfast Sausage is a low in fat, wholesome and delicious way to get your day started on a really good note. After that, it’s... Read more
Now here's an idea whose time has come … Pre-cooked and a breeze to prepare, our Natural Chicken and Maple Breakfast Sausages are made from premium cuts of chicken and delicately flavored with pure maple syrup. Why didn't you think of that? Don't beat yourself up – we're food professionals.... Read more
Pre-cooked and ready for breakfast: just heat up and dig into our crazy-good Natural Chicken Maple Breakfast Sausage Patties. We make these savory-sweet patties from premium cuts of chicken, then season them impeccably with pure maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and a hint of sage. These... Read more
For those who like a more sophisticated breakfast sausage link, a hint of sage makes these sausages all the rage. Who else brings you new ways to be sophisticated in your choice of breakfast foods? Juicy and full of flavor, our Natural Chicken and Sage Breakfast Sausages have the satisfying... Read more
Remember the smell of Sunday breakfast? It's back, and it's easier to prepare and better than ever. Our Natural Classic Pork Breakfast Sausage is made from sustainably raised pork and gets its Sunday breakfast meat aroma from a sprinkling of savory sage. Ready-to-eat in minutes, our Natural... Read more
We’ve mastered the fine art of the breakfast sausage. We start with sustainably raised turkey and season to perfection with aromatic sage, pepper, and spices. The result: savory sausage goodness. Natural Peppered Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties are ready to devour in mere minutes, healthy, and... Read more
Our Natural Savory Turkey Breakfast Sausage is made from sustainably raised turkey and seasoned with aromatic sage. Ready-to-eat in minutes, our frozen breakfast sausages offer everything you're looking for - convenient, healthy breakfast food that tastes delicious. (And just between us, you can... Read more
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wonder what our Organic Chicken and Apple Breakfast Sausages can do. Quality cuts of organic chicken, real diced apples, savory spices and herbs results in a sweet meets savory flavor profile.
Our classic Chicken and Maple Breakfast Sausage has gone organic! We know, we’re smiling on the inside too. Made from organic chicken, real maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne, these sausage links offer sweetness and a little kick.