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Traditional Italian

Using a traditional recipe and time-honored Italian methods, we craft humanely raised pork into slow dry-cured deli meat art. Our sausage makers have crafted a salami that the New York Times declares to be, “Wonderfully garlicky and richer in flavor than (those) made with nitrites.” (We'll bet... Read more
Our classic sliced Natural Pepperoni is made from sustainably raised pork and seasoned with a hint of anise and a spicy flair. Our sliced pepperoni offers everything you're looking for - convenient, healthy pepperoni that tastes delicious.
Whole natural hams, from humanely raised pork, are cured for our Natural Prosciutto the way they have been doing it in Italy for hundreds of years. This meat is slowly dried and cured for 9 to 12 months to produce that classic rich texture and flavor.
Our Natural Soppressata is coarsely ground from humanely raised pork. It’s delicately seasoned with black pepper and garlic, then dry-cured for almost 2 months. It has a sweet spicy flavor.
Our beloved sliced Natural Pepperoni gets miniature-ized for a fun take on the classic. We cure sustainably raised pork with a hint of anise and just-spicy-enough seasoning. Our sliced pepperoni is sure to hit the pepperoni spot: it’s convenient, healthy, and highly delicious. For pizza topping,... Read more
We’ve got the smoky-spicy-salty-meaty ratio absolutely right with our miniature-ized and totally tasty Natural Turkey Mini Pepperoni. With 70% less fat than conventional pork pepperoni, this is a protein-packed, all-natural choice you can feel great about serving and devouring. For pizza topping,... Read more
Healthy salami! (Sounds like something Robin might say to Batman, doesn't it?) Yes, it's here and it's perfect for a quick snack, hearty sandwich or Italian cold cuts antipasto platter. Our Organic Genoa Salami is made the way they’ve been making salami in Italy for hundreds of years. We use only... Read more