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Bacon makes everything better. Introducing the savory, indulgent, applewood-smoked deliciousness of bacon – with zero guilt. Our flavor is classic, but the way we make Good Morning Bacon is new: we use the leaner pork shoulder instead of the traditional belly. The result is lots of rich, smoky... Read more
What's your reward for watching your sodium intake? Bacon, of course! Didn't see that coming, did you? Our Natural Reduced Sunday Bacon delivers great taste with 25% less sodium than our popular Natural Sunday Bacon. We take select cuts of antibiotic-free pork and smoke it for hours over... Read more
Declared by The New York Times to be, “…superb, filled with the flavor and aroma that makes everyone gravitate towards the kitchen,” our Natural Sunday Bacon possesses all the flavor of old fashioned country bacon without added nitrites or chemical preservatives. At Applegate, we take our bacon... Read more
Add more sizzle to your morning with our Natural Thick Cut Bacon! With the right amount of savory flavor and crispy texture, this bacon will take any ordinary breakfast to extraordinary.
Bacon is a big thing. It's … bacon, for goodness sake! Our Natural Turkey Bacon is a delicious alternative to pork bacon that you can enjoy every day. Our recipe uses select cuts of hand-trimmed natural turkey thigh meat – carefully seasoned and smoked over the crackle of hardwoods. Why is it so... Read more
At Applegate, we know that no food is as tempting as good old-fashioned country bacon. (With the possible exception of other foods wrapped in bacon.) That’s what led us to create our Organic Sunday Bacon in the first place. We’ve taken the same classic recipe, which the New York Times hails as “... Read more
Yes, our classic Turkey Bacon has gone organic! (We'll give you a moment to gather yourself … ) Hand-trimmed cuts of certified organic turkey are carefully seasoned and smoked over the finest hardwoods. Meaty and delicious, best of all, our Organic Turkey Bacon is a breakfast meat that can be... Read more