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Our standard is simple: No antibiotics, ever.

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Animals deserve to be handled with care and respect.

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We make food you can feel good about.

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Go Applegatarian!

Applegatarian Hero

The 'Go Applegatarian' movement is an extension of our brand's mission- Changing The Meat We Eat® - and we couldn't be more excited to launch it

The movement is poised to create a new and passionate community for conscientious meat eaters to rally around their love for consuming the highest quality meat products that are sourced from animals that are Applegate Humanely Raised on farms that practice socially responsible and sustainable farming practices.

An Applegatarian is someone who consciously chooses clean, craveable meat for ethical*, environmentally responsible** and delicious reasons.

*Ethical: Animals raised with no antibiotics ever or growth promotants, on vegetarian feed with no animal by products (beef is 100% grass-fed) and with space to engage in natural behaviors and promote natural growth.
**Environmentally responsible: Applegate requires all animals be raised without antibiotics. Applegate is committed to advancing agriculture and processing systems like organic, non-GMO and regenerative farming


Changing The Meat We Eat®: Natural & Organic - No antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients or chemical nitrites - Humanely Raised - Gluten Free

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