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How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Traveling this Summer

Joel Harper

Staying healthy when you leave home can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these quick tips below and reap the benefits.

1. Get up early the day of travel and have an intense, quick, and effective workout. Make sure you stretch between every set, it elongates your muscles and leaves you tension free.

2. Take a multi-vitamin, wear your workout shoes (so you're comfortable walking around), pack your swimsuit, and a jump rope.

3. In your carry-on bag, make sure you put fruits, veggies, nuts and protein bars. Plan on being delayed, so pack extra. I take a container filled pre-made oatmeal with protein powder, berries, cinnamon, flax, and wheat germ already mixed in. This quick and satisfying meal makes it really convenient and so much easier to not choose unhealthy items.

4. Greet everyone you meet with a smile. It slows the world down, instantly boosts your energy and possibly gets you a free upgrade (or maybe and extra bag of nuts).

5. Wear eye blinders and ear plugs. Unnecessary light and noise can secretly drain your energy and cause stress. It can reduce the noise by more than 30 decibels.

6. While in transit, get up every hour and walk at least five minutes (usually standing in line for the lavatory gives you some time on your feet). Then do the airplane stretch and the hippie this will help prevent DVT (deep-vein thrombosis).

7. Drink one glass of water for every hour of flight time.

8. While in-flight, don't use the magazine compartment in front of you. It is full of germs. Make a habit of never touching your face.

9. Write down your thoughts for ten minutes. Don't stop just keep writing. It clears your mind and helps you live in the moment.

10. Once you arrive at your hotel room, with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly drop down, and with a relaxed neck, give yourself a scalp massage by brushing your hair. Use a hairbrush with rounded bristles.

11. Once you are in your room take a hot shower, followed by one minute of cold water. It will invigorate you and help you avoid getting sick by washing off the germs. Next, try to drink a hot glass of decaf green tea right when you get out.

12. If you are changing time zones, make sure you don't take a nap. Stay awake and get out in the sunshine for some Vitamin D. Try to go for a walk, rent a bike, or run, so you can explore the city (or a museum if raining). Try to get into the groove of your new time zone immediately. Lastly, stay hydrated! Did you know 85% of all headaches are caused by dehydration? All the traveling and walking really takes a toll on your body- so stay hydrated.

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Joel Harper

Joel Harper

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts in New York City for 18 years. His clients range from Dr. Oz to Olympic Medalists who are striving for break-through performances to 10 year old kids just learning to appreciate their health. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, he regularly works with well-known actors preparing for new roles, musicians embarking on world tours and business executives desiring increased energy and strength. Joel has appeared in various publications from "O" magazine and Esquire to Bottomline Health. He has created all of the workout chapters for the New York Times best selling YOU BOOKS and the accompanying workout DVD's with Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen and the popular FIT PACK DVD. Joel's unique workouts have been seen on various programs including: ABC & Fox News, Oprah, the Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, and Larry King. Joel is the creator of the PBS best selling DVD FIRMING AFTER 50 and the currently running SLIM & FIT. To learn more about Joel go to

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