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Mission Matters: Diana Rodgers

Diana R

Meet Diana Rodgers, co-author of the new book Sacred Cow, which makes a powerful case that good meat is good for your health and the environment. Which is just what you need to tackle the hard conversations at this year’s holiday table.

Applegate: You like to say: It's not the cow, it's the how. Explain.

Diana Rodgers: Meat has been unfairly vilified as bad for the planet. And it's true, when cows burp, they do release methane. But fossil fuels are far greater contributors to global warming than livestock production. In the United States, only about 2 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions are from cattle, according to the EPA. Moreover, when cattle is actually raised right, it can actually help to sequester carbon.

Applegate: Good to know. But meat haters aren't always so open to logic. Any advice on how to start a productive discussion about this?

Diana Rodgers: “Ethical omnivores” and vegans have a lot of common ground. Both want to feed people a nutrient-dense diet and create a more sustainable food system. Grazing animals like cattle can absolutely be part of the solution. The best way to start is with our motto: It’s not the cow. It’s the how.

Applegate: So where can we see your film? (Can't wait!)

Diana Rodgers: I’m releasing the film for free for one week over the Thanksgiving holiday week to help spark these conversations. Folks can register for their link at and watch between November 22 and 30th with their friends and family.



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